Romaji Unknown
English Chakra Focus
Classification Ninjutsu
Type General
Rank E
Class Supplementary
Hand Seals None
Known Users

Chakra Focus

A basic technique taught to all who have been trained as a shinobi. The process of focusing is basically the individual converting their body's energy(stamina) into spiritual energy(chakra/ki). This skill is normally taught around the same time hand seals are taught. The user focuses, willing their chakra to come forth. This must be done before any high level jutsu can be achieved.

Focusing chakra can be difficult for beginners and at first not much chakra will be made from the process. The more chakra you intend to create the harder it is to do and the more concentration you must have. Some ninja make a hand seal(Though they are technically not needed.), close their eyes, or use other methods to help them concentrate as they channel their chakra.

Focusing chakra takes your entire turn. You can’t focus chakra and use a jutsu in the same round. Although you can't attack in the same round you've focused chakra you can defend yourself. Focusing chakra does not leave you defenseless. Although it would be considered hax if you were ambushed, focused chakra, and then dodged. Please use common sense when it comes to how quick you can focus your charka.

If enough chakra is being charged it can physically be noticed. In the battle between Orochimaru and the 3rd Hokage, for example, rocks began to float into the air and the area shook from the sheer amount of chakra they were focusing.

The command to use Focus is +Focus <amount> So if you wanted 4,000 of your chakra you’d type +Focus 4000. Keep in mind you can’t go over 40% of you chakra per round. Although you can focus 40% of your chakra back to back it is not advised as this would have you at nearly no stamina, which is used in a lot of ninjuts moves. Also, you’re opponent might have a strategy to counter ninjutsu, moves of you element, etc and it would be unwise to have so much of your charka committed at the beginning of a battle.

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