Forge Manipulation
Forge Manipulation
Romaji Fojiton
English Forge Release
Classification Ninjutsu, Hidenjutsu
Rank A
Dmg Type N/A
Use Style
Known Users
Kyuushuu Bisetsu

Forge Manipulation

Forge Release — or 'Fojiton' — is an Advanced Elemental Manipulation based off of the Fire Chakra Nature. As an Advanced Manipulation, Forge Release expands the scope of what is possible in terms of Ninjutsu and amplifies the user's control over Fire Chakra to an amazing extent.

A ninja with Forge Release can produce and control flames of a variety of temperatures and intensities. The actual movement of the flames may be controlled as well, though generally this is in order to specify a particular width, length, or similar aspect of the flame's shape. Forge Release Ninjutsu are not simply "enhanced Fire Release Ninjutsu", but rather an entire category of highly-controlled Fire Ninjutsu that are used for tasks related to forge-working. Forge-working includes these practices: blacksmithing; the smelting of raw ores; the crafting of armor, weapons, and tools; the repairing of metal and stone structures or objects; modification or improvement of existing armor and weapons; and even the transformation of one viable material into another by forming new atomic bonds in a sort of Chakra-based "reactor chamber". This last example is only possible at very high levels, is utterly exhausting, and tends to produce insignificant amounts of a given material. However, temporarily causing one substance to gain the properties of another through an unstable transmutation is a much faster and less draining alternative. Similarly, a Ninjutsu-based ILLUSION of one material being turned into another is possible, but this is just as temporary and typically quite displeasing to those subjected to such trickery.

NOTE: Skills which are specifically apped as Forge Manipulation jutsu possess the COMBINATION Element. The rapid crafting or forging of weapons and armor is the primary combat focus of Forge Manipulation, but Fire Ninjutsu may also be apped that are enhanced or altered forms of known Fire Manipulation jutsu without actually being Forge Ninjutsu. In most cases, the appropriate materials for crafting or forging something must already be present in order to craft things with Forge Ninjutsu if they are expected to last more than on a temporary basis. Low-grade materials tend to produce objects that last a few rounds at most and possess no special qualities.

Style: Fire Manipulation and Senju Clan.
Skill Requirements: 1 A-Rank Fire Ninjutsu. To apply for this Style also requires IC instruction from Bisetsu or OOC permission.

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