Four Tails: Full Release
Yonbi: Kai
Romaji Yonbi: Kai
English Four Tails Full Release
Classification Transformation
Type Bijuu
Rank S
Class Supplemental
Hand Seals none
Known Users
Yonbi Jinchuuriki

Full Release Forms

Form 1: Complete mastery of a bijuu or extremely emotional situations will allow the Jinchuuriki to call forth the full strength of the Four-Tailed Ape. The Jinchuuriki fully releases Son Goku from his bindings, taking on his appearance, massive height and all, towering over the lands.

Form 2: Alternately, through a full contract with the beast or complete dominance of its chakra, the user obtains the full use of its powers without needing to release the full beast on the world. The Jinchuuriki may decide to just utilize the Chakra of the Bijuu, standing at a normal height but be completely covered with flickering orange demonic flames. This transformation reveals the sealing techniques containing the beast along the outside of the flames in black

In this level of transformation, the Jinchuuriki is able to cause massive amounts of destruction as well as utilize a Bijuu's ultimate move, the 'Tailed Beast Ball'. The Four-Tails chakra is infused with the lava chakra nature, causing massive damage that burns away all it touches over a long period of time. The user gains Son Goku's mastery of chakra control along with his superhuman agility and speed. Taking on this transformation gives the user the ability to use the Lava element to its fullest advantage. The increase in Chakra potency in this form is overwhelming, though control is completely impossible until the Four-Tails is mastered.

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