Frozen Tropics Genjutsu
Frozen Tropics Genjutsu
Romaji Unknown
English Frozen Tropics Illusion Arts
Classification Genjutsu, Hidenjutsu
Element N/A
Rank X (C for database purposes)
Damage Type N/A
Use Style
Style N/A
Skill Modifiers N/A
Skill Creator
Storm Island Natives
Known Users
Storm Island Natives only. Himezaki Gin

Skill Description

"Frozen Tropics Genjutsu" is a Genjutsu Style developed upon a strange island known as Storm Island, where the weather and climate violently shifted back and forth throughout the year due to extremely bizarre weather and ocean currents. Half of the island was icy and frozen, subject to snow storms at any time of year, and yet it was the more hospitable half of the island, due to fewer predators and better shelter. The other half was a tropical jungle regularly blasted by torrential rainfall and inhabited by ferocious predators, gruesome parasites, and violent natives.

This Genjutsu Style draws from that island to assault enemies with both illusions of ice and snow and the overpowering assault of tropical storms, sweltering jungle, and all the myriad threats therein. The realism, vividness, and intensity of this Genjutsu style are due to being drawn from real experiences in a very extreme environment, and thus all the details and impressions are easily replicated.

Frozen Tropics Genjutsu is capable of the basic sensory manipulations common to Genjutsu, as well as stuns, stamina drain, and genjutsu stealth.

NOTE: This style can only be learned by Storm Island Natives.

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