Gadgeteer Style
Gadgeteer Style

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Romaji N/A
English Gadgeteer Style
Classification Taijutsu
Type General
Rank C
Class Style
Hand Seals None
Known Users
Maneshi Shemri (as Megumi)
Known Techniques
Grapple Launcher
Grapple Launcher II

Gadgeteer Style

This style enables the user to receive skills based on the use of gadgets. In a sense, it is a more sophisticated variation of the Shinobi Tools Style, involving tools that are more complicated than the ones typically used by ninja, even at advanced skill levels. The emphasis of the Gadgeteer Style is on mechanically complex tools that require a significant degree of intelligence and understanding to use properly, still more to maintain, and even greater to create, although it does include relatively simple contraptions.

Chakra may be useful or required for controlling a given gadget, but generally not to the degree of use employed by puppeteers and certainly not with the combined remote control and adaptability of puppets or Chakra Tech creations. Gadgets rely mainly on in-built mechanical strength to accomplish their purposes. With the appropriate Seal Mastery, though, the user may make seals a part of those mechanics.

Finally, it may be possible to achieve skills which would fit within or even originated from the Gadgeteering Style, particularly low-level ones, without having the style itself. Just because a skill involves a gadget doesn't mean you have to be a gadgeteer to use it; the Gadgeteering Style exists mainly as a path for those who intend to make prolific use of gadgets, and probably invent some.

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