Gaseous Torpor
Gaseous Torpor
English Gaseous Torpor
Classification Ninjutsu
Rank B
Damage Type Smoke
Use Attack
Style Medic Nin
Skill Modifiers Area of Effect, Round Stun, Stamina Drain
Skill Creator
Akiyama Kenta
Known Users
Akiyama Kenta

Skill Description

Sometimes it's necessary to subdue without causing injury and this jutsu was created with that in mind. Many medic-nin and poison experts have the knowledge required to mix together substances with highly soporific properties. This jutsu requires the user to swallow a pill containing a blend of poisons or chemicals that's unique to the user. The components of the pill is rapidly broken down inside the body with the aid of chakra and expelled from the mouth as a cloud of odorless mist. The size, shape and behavior of the cloud can be controlled to a limited degree at the time of creation, giving it a little more flexibility than a normal smoke bomb. Most people that breathes in the mist will suddenly experience great fatigue and listlessness. The poison leeches strength from the target's muscles and numbs the extremities, which can obstruct movement and the weaving of hand seals for a period of time. The poison doesn't do any lasting damage, but can knock out anywhere from a single person to an entire crowd when used properly.

Note: Deals no damage to targets

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