Basic Genjutsu Style
Basic Genjutsu Style
Romaji Unknown
English Basic Illusion Arts Style
Classification Genjutsu
Type General
Rank D
Class Style
Hand Seals N/A
Known Users
Known Techniques
Genjutsu Clone
Genjutsu Link
Fade II
Genjutsu Kai

Basic Genjutsu Style

This is the most basic form of Genjutsu. It covers most standard illusions, allowing the use of some stuns and drains and even stealth. It can also be used to create illusions for defensive purposes. It lacks the complexity required for information gathering or memory alteration and is not designed to allow the use of the damaging genjutsu mod. This is a catch all for the most generic types of genjutsu. For more complex genjutsu a specific genjutsu style will be required.

(Formerly known as Genjutsu)

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