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Genjutsu (Literally meaning "Illusionary Techniques") are techniques that are employed in the same fashion as ninjutsu, requiring chakra and hand seals. However, the primary difference between the two is that the effects of genjutsu are illusory; instead of attacking the victim's body, like taijutsu or ninjutsu, genjutsu techniques manipulate the flow of chakra in the victim's brain, thus causing a disruption in their senses.

This is often used to create false images or to cause pain from trauma (because the body is led to believe it is in pain); however, there are plenty of other uses depending on the situation. They are not used as often as ninjutsu because they don't physically harm the opponent, but Genjutsu can also be used to manipulate others, similar to brainwashing by feeding the victim illusive suggestions.

Genjutsu can also be used for other supplementary purposes such as interrogating an individual by breaking their will.

Genjutsu is created when a ninja extends their chakra flow through the cerebral nervous system of their opponent to control their mind, thereby affecting their five senses. Those with special abilities like the Uchiha clan's Sharingan — which can cast generic genjutsu — or with high intelligence have an easier time executing and countering genjutsu, as attention to detail is key. Those under the influence of genjutsu will either appear to be unconscious or continue to move around under the pretence of the genjutsu. The latter is very effective in battle as a genjutsu user can make themselves appear to be somewhere else and attack the victim from behind or change the environment to make the victim see a flat plain where there is a steep cliff.

Genjutsu attacks usually require a lot of skill, and, if performed incorrectly, will not work. Genjutsu is most often used by ninja with very precise chakra control and very high intelligence. Because genjutsu affects activity throughout the prosencephalon structure of the brain, humans, dogs and other species of mammal are therefore all affected by genjutsu; however, the kikaichuu, like all insects, lack such a structure to their brains, and so do not even notice it.

Genjutsu Attacks

This is a list of Attack-type skills that are Genjutsu.

Genjutsu Defenses

This is a list of Defense-type skills that are Genjutsu.

Genjutsu Skills

This is a list of Genjutsu Skills that are not attacks, defenses, stealths, perceptions, styles, transformations, or similar. "Passive" skills, skills that can be activated with "+useskill Skillname", and "maintenance skills" that are used to put an additional energy expenditure on a skill that is ICly being maintained over an extended period of time, all fall under this category.

Genjutsu Styles

This is for Genjutsu Styles, Genjutsu Skill Unlocks, and special Genjutsu Style-related Skills. Genjutsu Styles tend to be either "General Genjutsu", which can hypothetically be used by anyone, and "Advanced Genjutsu", which are usable only by: A) Those with a Style that shows a specialization in Genjutsu that is somehow beyond what others can develop, B) Those who belong to a Clan that has access to specialized Genjutsu, or C) Those with a Kekkei Genkai that permits the usage of special Genjutsu (such as Sharingan Genjutsu). Outside of those Genjutsu that require a secret knowledge, such as some 'hidenjutsu' (literally 'Secret Techniques'), or those that require a special ability that cannot be duplicated, such as a bloodline limit (kekkei genkai), General Genjutsu can potentially be learned by anyone with a Genjutsu Style. Advanced Genjutsu is restricted in who can learn and use it, but General Genjutsu can hypothetically be used by anyone.

Genjutsu Transformations

This is for Transformations specific to Genjutsu users or one or more Genjutsu Styles. This includes Transformations that enhance Genjutsu specifically (as opposed to benefitting multiple stats or being a Ninjutsu Transformation that enhances Genjutsu along with other things).

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