Gestalt Taijutsu Style
Gestalt Taijutsu Style
Romaji Unknown
English Gestalt Body Arts Style
Classification Taijutsu, Chakra Taijutsu, Kekkei Genkai
Element N/A
Rank X
Damage Type N/A
Use Style
Style None
Skill Modifiers N/A
Skill Creator
Uchuu Clan
Known Users
Uchuu Mana and Uchuu Kana

Skill Description

Gestalt Taijutsu Style is the form of hand to hand combat used by shinobi of the Uchuu Clan. It represents either team work when separated into individual bodies, using hit-and-run tactics so that one is attacking while the other is defending, and similar, or else merging with each other so that they can combine their attacks in unique ways, such as striking with three arms or three legs at once, or blocking attacks aimed at the back, or facing multiple foes on opposite sides. This is a Chakra Taijutsu style, focused on the twins sharing their chakra to enable stronger combinations of attacks and defense.

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