Ghoul Style
Ghoul Style
Romaji Unknown
English Ghoul Style
Classification Ninjutsu, Hidenjutsu
Type N/A
Rank B
Class N/A. Style.
Hand Seals Varies.
Known Users
The Ghoul of the Desert

Ghoul Style

Ghoul Style represents the method by which the Ghoul of the Desert may control his own body via Jutsu, or, at higher levels of skill, via willpower alone. It begins with simple modifications, or the use of attacks or defenses derived from the properties of the body, but will eventually extend to reshaping or altering the body in more drastic ways. It eventually culminates in total control over every aspect of the undead's physical form, allowing him to go beyond the restrictions of retaining a humanoid body. This is a very difficult level of skill to achieve, however.

Skill Requirements: Must have False Immortality and be the Ghoul itself. Not learnable or teachable by others.

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