God Body
God Body
Romaji Unknown
English God Body
Classification Ninjutsu, Medical Ninjutsu, Hidenjutsu
Rank S
Use Transform
Stat Bonuses +3 Int, +5 Spd, +5 Sta, +3 Seal
Known Users
Yotsuki Mune

Jutsu Description

"God Body" is a technique that combines alchemical knowledge and elixirs with a Medic-Nin's mastery over his or her own body to push the Body Activation Technique to its limits. The ninja can consciously regulate the functions his or her body with extreme precision, including gaining complete control over the Chakra Network. This allows the diverting of Chakra to anywhere in the body, as well as increasing the efficiency of Chakra flow and the force of Chakra output. Infusing Chakra into every part of the body allows a ninja to increase the resilience of his or her skin, muscles, organs, bones, and even hair by reinforcing the cell walls of every cell he or she has. Techniques such as Chakra Scalpel and Chakra Dissection Blade that use pure Chakra can be boosted enormously, as can most other Medic-Nin techniques of similar sorts — whether healing, offensive, or defensive.

This control over the Medic-Nin's own body also means that he or she can regulate brain functions in the same manner as with the Perfect Surgery technique and the Body Activation technique. Clear-thinking and enhanced perceptions, combined with extroardinary reaction time and muscular control, means the Medic can move, operate, fight, and otherwise act at speeds that seem nearly supernatural. All-in-all, the "God Body" technique can turn a ninja into a one-person emergency hospital or a dervish of lethal attacks and combat prowess, depending on how it is used.

Style Recommendation: Medic-Nin and Ninja Chemistry.

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