Goo Tag
Goo Tag
Romaji <Japanese name written in English letters, if known>
English <Literal English name>
Classification Ninjutsu
Element None
Rank E
Damage Type Chakra Blunt
Use Attack
Style Seal Mastery
Skill Modifiers None
Skill Creator
Known Users
Uzumaki Konda

Skill Description

This tag is a precursor to more complex uses of tags and scrolls. Simply put this tag creates a blob of goo of a predetermined color. This goo makes a mess, but does no damage, and can not really blind the target. It also is chakra based and after a few minutes, longer than most combats to be fair, the goo evaporates as the chakra that holds it together simply dissipates. This tag can be used in several ways, it can be used as a booby trap, say to drop goo on someone as they open a door, or put on the seat of a chair to mark someone's rear with the stuff and give them a suddenly squishy seat, or it can even be used as a projectile weapon, giving it a fair amount of versatility. Versatile for something that is pretty much just a cosmetic effect with few combat applications. It is meant as a learning tool mostly, well that and for pranks.

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