Gun Samurai Style
Gun Samurai Style
Romaji Unknown
English Gun Samurai Style
Classification Taijutsu
Element N/A
Rank C
Dmg Type N/A
Use Style
Skill Creator
Uzumaki Suzuki
Known Users
Uzumaki Suzuki

Jutsu Description

"Gun Samurai Style" is a Weapon Taijutsu Style that uses rigid frames in the shape of 'guns' to propel pre-manufactured Seal-based ammunition at enemies. The highest level of damage that can be inflicted is equivalent to Chakra Taijutsu, and this is only possible when Chakra is one of the resources used in the attack. Otherwise, all attacks, regardless of their effects, inflict Weapon Taijutsu-level damage.

NOTE: In order to apply for a given Gun Samurai Style skill, an appropriate Seal Ninjutsu skill must already be known. This Style allows for a Chakra-free version of such Ninjutsu that operate at a reduced level, as noted above. This means the Ninjutsu component MUST be apped FIRST.

Style: A Seal Style OTHER than Seal Mastery to show a specialization in Seals.

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