Hair Manipulation
Hair Manipulation
Romaji Kami No Sosa
English Hair Manipulation
Classification Ninjutsu
Type Chakra
Rank C
Class Supplementary Style
Hand Seals N/A
Known Users

Hair Manipulation

Hair Ninjutsu is a specialized branch of 'General' Ninjutsu that combines Chakra Shaping with temporary activation of hair-growth sites and the ninja's own metabolism such that he or she can use Chakra to manipulate his or her head-hair to grow longer, to be tougher than normal, or even to behave as though it were sharp, flexible/prehensile, or similar. At higher levels, a user of these strange Ninjutsu techniques may even be able to 'propel' hair follicles from the head in the form of needle-like projectiles. Generally, this branch of jutsu ONLY applies to head-hair, though male users may also be able to make use of facial hair if they already possess such.

Style Recommendation: Chakra Shaping.

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