Romaji Harionago
English Barbed Woman
Classification Ninjutsu
Type No Element
Rank D
Class Supplementary
Hand Seals None
Known Users


Author: General
Transform Class: D
Stamina Cost: 50
Chakra Cost: 50
This transformation modifies the user's chakra by -25 per action.

Description: This is a technique where the user manipulates the growth rate of their hair on a conscious level to initially extend the hair as far as the ground. The user continues to supply chakra to these extended threads to maintain both their length and hardness. This produces the appearance of a hairy beast and increases the effectiveness of Hair-based techniques. Unfortunatly as a side-effect, those who use this transformation may find it harder to physical move around at this level due to the sheer volume of hair weighing the user down.

English Name: Barbed Woman
Notes: This results in a rather hairy beast that can range from Yeti to hair that reaches the ground covering the entire body.
Style Recommendation: Hair Manipulation

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