Hazardous Drop
Hazardous Drop
Romaji Unknown
English Hazardous Drop
Classification Taijutsu
Type No Element
Rank C
Class Offensive
Hand Seals N/A
Known Users

Hazardous Drop

This attack can only be used as a follow up attack to a successful use of the shadow of the dancing leaf or similiar variances of this technique. Inorder to perform this technique, the user disorients or binds the target before repositioning themselves to deliver a downward axe kick to the chin using the built up momentum. Following this, user grabs the target's legs or feet as they pass, and flip over to help pull the target over their shoulders and toss them into the ground ahead of them. Once more, using the momenteum built up from the throw, the user finishes the attack with a blow that would drive an opponet further into the ground while softening their own landing. The force behind this final attack is strong enough to temporarily wind if not disorient an opponet further depending on where it is delivered.

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