Heaven & Hell
Heaven & Hell
Romaji Joukai-Makai
English Heaven/Hell
Classification Taijutsu, Chakra Taijutsu, Kenjutsu, Weapon Taijutsu
Element None
Rank B
Damage Type SHARP
Use Attack
Style Any speed-based Kenjutsu Style or Weapon Style.
Skill Modifiers None.
Skill Creator
No known creator. General technique.
Known Users
Suzaku Yuri

Skill Description

This Kenjutsu attack requires great speed and acrobatic ability. It begins by leaping high above an opponent and using Chakra to propel oneself towards the ground, with blade held in front of the attacker. This winds up in a vertical slash to the head or torso. Immediately after landing, a sideways slash, either from left to right or right to left, acts as a follow up to the initial cut. Due to the fact that the vertical blow is typically aimed at the head, the enemy may be dazed from the head-trauma that results for a moment.

Hit Roll Dice: Tai + Spd
Damage Roll Dice: Spd + Sta
Skill Requirements: 3 C-Rank Kenjutsu or Weapon Taijutsu.

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