Hell's Clutch
Hell's Clutch
Romaji Unknown
English Hell's Clutch
Classification Ninjutsu
Element N/A
Rank A
Dmg Type Chakra Unblockable
Use Attack
Known Users
Daeshiro Maikeru

Jutsu Description

Hell's Clutch is a technique developed by the host of the Jigoku Arm to completely devastate an opponent in both physical damage and energy depletion. The user of this technique creates a gigantic form of the sealed arm, which remains linked to his arm as he uses it to grab the target's entire body and lock them in a vice as it drains their chakra away, some of which is absorbed back into the user. As the hand grips them, it tightens on them to the point of crushing and breaking bones, strangling them and quite possibly causing serious bone breaking and mangling of the body.

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