Horde Chain Bond
Horde Chain Bond
Romaji Unknown
English Horde Chain Bond
Classification Insect Control, Ninjutsu
Rank D
Use TF
Stat Mods +1 Sta, +1 Nin
Known Users
Kamizuru Michi

Horde Chain Bond

"Horde Chain Bond" is a transformation that occurs within an individual whom has undergone Kamizuru Body Modification or a similiar procedure, and has begun to garner more remote control over the less developed members of their hive. As the name of this transformation suggest the user gathers the larvae of their hive closer towards locations within the body in which chakra can be more readily absorbed into the host's own network. At the same time through their bond with the host they provide a more indepth method of monitering his or her own chakra network both in regards to the initial intrusions from outside sources to simply a more accurate read on its flow conditions.
However, the longer this transformation remains active the more likely the larvae used in the chain are likely to burn themselves out. Also, due to the nature of this skill, one who uses it in the heat of battle is incapable of preforming any other attacks on that round.

Style Recommendation: Insect Control and Kamizuru Body Modification

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