Horde Network
Horde Network
Romaji Unknown
English Horde Network
Classification Kekkei Genkai/Medical Modifications
Element None
Rank C
Damage Type None
Use Transformation
Style Kamizuru Body Modification Style, Insect Control
Skill Modifiers None
Skill Creator
Kamizuru Michi
Known Users
Kamizuru Michi

Skill Description

The effects of 'Horde Network' builds upon what was previously accessible after unlocking the Horde Chain Bond Transformation. At this stage the user has improved upon increasing the clarity of the empathetic bond shared with their hive, and expand the link to be shared through each individual member. By doing so members of the hive can more effectively respond to the demands of their host's body through monitering of the link actively and responding appropriatly from within. Be it to re-arrange, modify, repair, replace, or even sacrifice non-essential 'material' if need be. Also, in this way the user focus no longer needs to be as actively divided between self-perservation and desire.

Only the prior risk of burning out those still utilized directly in the bond to fuel the user is eliminated through this transformation. As a result of this transformation to the more intent observer it can appear as if the very skin of the user is shifting or 'crawling' due to the increase activity of hive members within the host.

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