Hyper Speed Chain Kill
Hyper Speed Chain Kill
Romaji Unknown
English Hyper Speed Chain Kill
Classification Taijutsu
Type Sharp
Rank B
Class Offensive
Hand Seals None
Known Users
Shima Sami

Hyper Speed Chain Kill

This Kenjutsu requires absolute focus and total awareness of where every enemy is that Sami intends to attack. Then Sami uses his great speed to flicker in and out of sight repeatedly, appearing next to each enemy, executing a sword attack that is almost invisible, and then moving on to the next target. To opponents with keenly trained or special senses, they can see this, and attempt to dodge. To anyone else, it is as though Sami was standing before them and then standing somewhere else in the same second. Then the damage inflicted from each successful slash becomes apparent to the victims. Stationary targets are the ones who often die to this attack. The slightest shift or movement can be enough to save one's life when faced with this technique.

This attack rolls Tai + Spd to hit, and Pow + Sta for damage. Learning this technique requires 3 C rank taijutsu.

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