Improved Henge
Improved Henge
Romaji Unknown
English Improved Transformation
Classification Ninjutsu, General Ninjutsu
Element None
Rank D
Damage Type STEALTH
Use Attack
Style General Ninjutsu
Skill Modifiers Area of Effect
Skill Creator
Known Users
Uchiha Tsugumi

Skill Description

Henge no jutsu is a basic shinobi technique allowing ninja to assume a form of disguise without the use of anything material such as costumes or makeup. It allows the transformation into whatever image the ninja mentally project whether that be another person, animal or object, creating a tangible illusion and allowing one to change their voice to match. But at this rank, there is still no changing of the user's scent. What it this does allow for, however, is for the size of the illusion to differ from the shinobi's height and weight to a greater degree than the most basic usage of this ability. Still it does not allow the character to appear to be a giant and taking damage while Henged may result in the termination of the effect depending on the situation.

Hit Roll Dice: Nin + Int
Style: General Ninjutsu
Skill Requirements: Henge (skill and attack versions)
Skill Modifiers: Area of Effect

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