Inner Oni - Crimson
Inner Oni Crimson
Romaji Unknown
English Inner Oni - Crimson
Classification Transformation
Type None
Rank C
Class Supplementary
Hand Seals N/A
Known Users

Inner Oni - Crimson

Author: Onimitsu
Transform Class: C
Stamina Cost: 150
Chakra Cost: 150
This transformation modifies the user's chakra by -50 per action.

Description: Inner Oni - Crimson: This is the second awakening of Onimitsu's armor. It is in part thanks to the bond between Onimitsu and his sword Yoshimitsu now revealing itself to have a mind of its own. At this stage, the memories of the previous wielders of the armor flood into the user and jump start/ingrain decades' worth of secret techniques involved with the Manji Taijutsu style without having to be taught by the original. But further conditioning may be required to fully master these skills.

Like the previous incarnation, this transformation bolsters the user's physical attributes in outright power, agility, and enhancing the mind's clarity. The activation of this skill requires the user to be either in extreme danger to the point where the sword would act on its own or to consciously tap into Yoshimitsu's "mind". The permanent change left behind by the initial use of this transformation is the physical alterations to the armor. It becomes fitted specifically to every curve of the user without constraining him or her. The coloration of the armor changes from grey to crimson. The final change is that the overall structure of the armor shifts to give the user an appearance akin to a stag beetle with wings included — but sheathed in the back until needed. The sword itself, on the other hand, simply gains a red "aura" about it as long as the transformation remains active.

Style Recommendation: Manji Style Taijutsu and the appropriate armor and sword.
Skill Prerequisites: Inner Oni Silver transformation.

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