Inner Oni - Silver
Inner Oni - Silver
Romaji Unknown
English Inner Oni -Silver
Classification Transformation
Type None
Rank D
Class Supplementary
Hand Seals N/A
Known Users

Inner Oni - Silver

Author: Onimitsu
Transform Class: D
Stamina Cost: 50
Chakra Cost: 50
This transformation modifies the user's chakra by -35 per action.

Description: The first awakening of Onimitsu's armor that leads to the path of unlocking its true potential. The first path unleashes the restraints naturally in place to keep from overwhelming the user due to the enhancement it would give. To activate it, one of the blood of a manji clan member simply has to have their blood touch the seal hidden along the shoulder piece. Their physical prowess instantly increases for as long as some piece of the armor remains intact. The most obvious sign of the this transformation being the armor excuding a slight silvery aura around every part for as long as this transformation last.

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