Inner Oni - Vicious Violet
Inner Oni - Vicious Violet
Romaji Unknown
English Inner Oni - Vicious Violet
Classification Transformation
Type None
Rank B
Class Supplementary
Hand Seals None
Known Users

Inner Oni - Vicious Violet

Author: Onimitsu
Transform Class: B
Stamina Cost: 300
Chakra Cost: 300
This transformation modifies the user's chakra by -75 per action.

Inner Oni - Vicious Violet: At this level the full extentof the Yoshimitsu hidden abilities come to the forefront along with its true form literally shining through the blade as an indigo light; but without the possiblity of being called out at leisure until full mastery of the enhancements that come with this awakening has been accomplished. Until then, this transformation can only be activated when Yoshimitsu's wielder is in grave danger. At this stage albiet roughly compared to more robust jutsu, the Yoshimitsu's ability to store spiritual/mental energy evolves in its intensity as well as its effective range spreading to encompase a foot thick sphere of influence around its wielder. Within this sphere of influence, and unless undesired by Yoshimitsu, chakra, especially spiritually enriched chakra, has the bonds binding the two halves of chakra dissolved. While the overal effect varies from techniques unleashed upon the user, the dissolve of the bond allows the spiritual/mental energy to be absorbed readily into the surface of the blade while the physical energy loses cohesiveness; and typically will either disperses violently or collapses upon itself.

Much like its previous incarnation, this transformation alters the physical form of the armor, but purely to better enhance the wielder's overall physical prowess through one of a third pair of seals triggered by Yoshimitsu's awakening as well. To start, the armor itself appearance changes from that of a stag beetle/human hybrid to that of a traditional Oni minus the clothing. Secondly, as the name of this transformation suggest, the color scheme goes from crimson to violet. And finally, while the armor remains fitted to the user, the wings of its previous form have been replaced in several key locations across the armor with 'ports' Some which being indistinguisable from the rest of the armor. As Yoshimitsu continues to attract and consume spiritual energy, some of that energy lingers as a disorienting aura of violet surrounding the armor.

Style Recommendation: Appropriate Sword and Armor.
Skill Prerequisites: Inner Oni - Crimson transformation

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