Insect Release: Pollen Cloud
Pollen Cloud
Romaji Unknown
English Pollen Cloud
Classification Ninjutsu
Type Insect
Rank C
Class Offensive & Stealth
Hand Seals Unknown
Known Users
Kamizuru Clan

Pollen Cloud(Atk)

A swarm of bees (or a large summoned bee like Gunjin) can release poisonous pollen as they fly over an area. The pollen isn't overly damaging, more or less an annoyance than anything. It can burn open mucous membranes slightly, trigger antihistamine responses that may last a few rounds until the pollen dissipates.

This attack uses Nin + Seal for rolls and Seal + Sta for damage. You must have 3 ninjutsu in the Insect Style Ninjutsu to purchase this.

Pollen Cloud Escape(Stealth)

Similar to the Pollen Cloud attack technique, however this time the bees release the pollen in their immediate area, using the cloud of pollen as a smoke screen to cover the path of their escape.

This defense uses Int + Sta for rolls. You must have 3 D rank ninjutsu in Insect Style Ninjutsu to purchase this.

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