Jigoku Cloak
Jigoku Cloak
Romaji Unknown
English Jigoku Cloak
Classification Ninjutsu
Element None
Rank S
Damage Type Psi>
Use Defense
Style Jigoku Fist Style
Skill Modifiers Inexpensive Defense, Damage Resistance
Skill Creator
Known Users

Skill Description

This technique is a much more refined version of Jigoku Tense and is only available after the user has completely mastered the chakra of the possessing spirit. Once Unison of Souls has been acquired and the user has access to the memories of Jigoku stored in his arm, he has the ability to seek through them knowledge of how to fully use this power as Jigoku did, allowing for much more refined and powerful techniques. Using this knowledge, he is able to create a skin of chakra over his body that is thinner and doesn't take as much chakra or effort to maintain but is denser to the potency of Jigoku Shield. This exteme density makes it nearly impossible for any attack to get through, in turn severely softening the impact of any attack that does manage to do so.

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