Jigoku's Soul Harvest
Jigoku's Soul Harvest
Romaji Unknown
English Jigoku's Soul Harvest
Classification Ninjutsu
Element N/A
Rank N/A
Dmg Type Seal
Use Attack/Defense
Known Users
Daeshiro Maikeru

Jutsu Description

Masterfully using the power of Jigoku, Maikeru uses his arm possessed by Jigoku in either normal form or an enormous form of it to execute this technique, done with the normal sized hand usually for defense or to only absorb chakra from a single target. While similar Chakra Leech Tag and Chakra Suction Tag in the way it works in some ways, this technique is far more powerful. It uses the power locked inside the arm to absorb as much chakra as possible through an enormous, powerful funnel. Especially when using the enormous form of the possessed arm, it is able to steal large amounts of chakra even from a group of targets, all absorbed into chakra usable by Maikeru.

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