Jigoku Unseal II
Jigoku Unseal II
Romaji Unknown
English Jigoku Unseal II
Classification Ninjutsu
Type General
Rank C
Class Transformation
Hand Seals Unknown
Known Users

Jigoku Unseal II

This is the second level of unsealing Jigoku. Maikeru releases a second seal located on the arm Jigoku is sealed in, allowing him to tap further into his power that is locked away, increasing the amount of chakra he is able to control and his power over it. The blood red glow of the arm becomes more fierce and spreads throughout his body, creating an eerie aura around him. A faint second, dark voice is audible in sync with his when he talks, showing that he has started to allow Jigoku to awaken a little more within himself instead of confining him totally to the arm.

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