Jigoku Unseal III
Jigoku Unseal III
Romaji Unknown
English Jigoku Unseal III
Classification Ninjutsu
Type General
Rank B
Class Transformation
Hand Seals Unknown
Known Users

Jigoku Unseal III

This is the third level of releasing the seals that contain Jigoku's power inside Maikeru's arm. This level allows a large amount of Jigoku's chakra to surge through Maikeru's body, increasing his ability to use powerful ninjutsu abilities even further. The blood red aura around him increases, and the voice of Jigoku is more audible in sync with his own in this form. However, at this level, it is possible that Jigoku could take control of Maikeru's body for the time being, either by force or being allowed to do so. Through this transformation and chakra shaping, he is also able to use his abilities using Jigoku's powers with both arms because of the amount of Jigoku's power that is focused through his body at that time.

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