Jigoku Web
Jigoku Web
Romaji Unknown
English Jigoku Web
Classification Ninjutsu
Type Chakra
Rank A
Class Offense
Hand Seals Unknown
Known Users

Jigoku Web

This techniques uses the power of Jigoku as well as chakra shaping to create a 'web' of chakra that is hard to get away from. What appear to be giant webs of chakra come from every direction all around the target(s) and envelope them, the first one being one that forms on the ground beneath them to restrain their feet. Once it latches onto the target, the web restrains and squeezes them tightly to drain their air and cut off their air and blood supply by constriction as it sucks chakra from their bodies. This holds them for a several moments, draining them thoroughly and opening them up to multiple attacks from not being able to move a single part of their body.

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