Juuken Dodge II
Juuken Dodge
Romaji Unknown
English Gentle Fist Dodge
Classification Taijutsu
Type Chakra
Rank C
Class Defense
Hand Seals Unknown
Known Users
Hyuuga Clan

Juuken Dodge

An Intermediate form of Juuken Dodge, this jutsu builds upon the solid foundation established from the beginning stages and incorporates a flowing movement of the arms with the body. This allows the defense to be used as a partial parry against small scale projectiles and straight hand to hand combat. The movements and stancing are largely the same, but the added bonus of precise and fluid bodily parrying allows for less damage to be taken over all should the defense fail.

This Attack rolls Tai + Spd to hit. Learning this technique requires 2 D rank Juuken style, and 1 D rank Taijutsu.

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