Juuken Stun
Juuken Stun
Romaji Unknown
English Juuken Stun
Classification Tai
Type N/A
Rank D
Class Offensive
Hand Seals Unknown
Known Users

Juuken Stun

Juuken stun is a technique utilizing the Juuken style in addition to the Byakugan. The user must pinpoint a location on the body to strike precisely, using a hand seal to hit a tenketsu spot on the opponent. They will then use the hand seal to close the tenketsu point, or they will send chakra into the hole. In both cases the opponent's chakra will be disrupted momentarily, though there may be a different effect for each style of use, and is mainly up to the users preference in any given situation.

This attack rolls Tai + Spd to hit.

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