Kamizuru Body Modification Style
Kamizuru Body Modification Style
Romaji Unknown
English Kamizuru Body Modification Style
Classification Ninjutsu
Element N/A
Rank B
Dmg Type N/A
Use Style
Known Users

Kamizuru Body Modification Style

This variation of Body Modification is the partially failed results of the Kamizurus attempt to produce a living weapon through the combination of Medical Ninjutsu, Minor Genetic Manipulation, and Insect Nesting at an early age along the same lines of data collected from Rival Clans: The Aburame and Okumo. The end results produced through this method is a Kamizuru capable of acting directly as hive for the larva of the insects they control, the continual modifications of larva to produce a work force driven through empathetic bond with their host and their own more acute intelligence. Bees and Wasps born within the altered Kamizuru are also capable of adapting to harmful substances at a high rate. In particular, toxins that they come across and modify internally with their own inherent chakra system to produce various side-effects in those that they sting beyond the norm. Such as delirium, extreme fatigue, sleep, and etc. These adaptations are then reproduced within the Kamizuru host by way consumption and/or direct absorption into a blood stream and chakra network. The former of which previously modified to handle extreme levels of toxicity as well as albeit to a lesser extent diseases, and act as a potent universal cure all or the most virulent toxin producible by the Kamizuru if not properly diluted.

NOTE: The intelligence of the bees alone can create low level cures to their own poisons, these cures are not very potent and do not exceed D-rank in level. Any attempt to turn the poisons into an antidote beyond the D-rank level will require the abilities of the Medical Ninja.

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