Katon Shoryuken
Katon Shoryuken
Romaji Katon Shoryuken
English Fire Style: Rising Dragon Punch
Classification Taijutsu
Type Fire
Rank C-Rank
Class Offensive
Hand Seals N/A
Known Users
Uchiha Hinotori

Fire Style: Rising Dragon Punch

This is an improved version of the original Shoryuken. By being able to utilize skill, speed, and strength, Hinotori is able to combine his innate Elemental Affinity for the Fire Chakra Nature with his Taijutsu. The result is this technique. Hinotori performs this jutsu by stepping towards an opponent, reaching back with his left or right fist and punching hard into his opponent. As the uppercut is delivered, the Chakra Body Field he employs in Inferno Dragon Fist style is infused with Fire Chakra, causing flames to seemingly erupt from his knuckles and then spirals down his fist to trail off near the elbow.

The combination of punch, flames, and corkscrew-like motion drives Hinotori's punch upwards, allowing for the punch to hit up to four times in one attack. The first impact will hit the stomach, second solar plexus, third upper chest, and fourth the chin. Upon being struck, the opponent is propelled upwards and is engulfed in flames. Hinotori also jumps as he strikes, during the third and fourth impacts, but to those watching they would likely only see the opponent being hit once.

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