Classification Genjutsu
Rank C Rank
Class Offense
Known Users
Kuroenko Sekisetsu

Fear of Movement. With every single step the opponent makes, the victim of this genjutsu will feel immense fear. Their pulse will accelerate. They will feel dizziness. Breathing will be thoroughlyexhausted. Extreme hesitation will even result, because of the fear that the next, most simplest bodily movement they make, just may be their last. All these symptoms, will persist only until the user decides to stay motionless, pointing to the simple fact that they have become extremely fearful of making even the slightest motion. Though this jutsu does not guarantee that the person will simply be frozen in fright, they will feel themselves expelling more energy than needed, just to even move. The drawing on of every bit of will and bodily reserve they possess, because of this fear, will be needed just to make the simplest of gestures, the fear induced being just that great.

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