Kouken Stage Jutsu
Kouken Stage Jutsu
Romaji Kouken Tsugi Jutsu
English Guardian Stage Arts
Classification Ninjutsu
Element None
Rank N/A
Damage Type N/A
Use Style
Style Mystic Noh Style
Skill Modifiers N/A
Skill Creator
Known Users

Skill Description

Kouken, in Noh-theater, are 'stage hands'. They are usually one to three individuals who wear all black and will perform various stage activities such as prop-setting, changing the backdrop for a scene-change, and similar. They sometimes are even on-stage during a play, typically in the background, and are simply 'invisible' to the actors and actresses. The characters do not recognize or react to the Kouken, and though the audience can see them clearly, they are generally ignored.

This concept is incorporated into the Mystic Noh Style via the skill of Chakra Shaping, but taken to an exceptional level and with a specific focus for its use. Generally, a Nogakujin who is able to use Kouken Stage Jutsu can create one, two, or three 'stage hands' out of pure Chakra. This requires no motion, gestures, or hand seals on the part of the Nogakujin. These 'stage hands' are masses of Chakra shaped like human beings who remain in the general area of the Nogakujin and performs tasks for him or her. These are invariably 'stage-related' tasks. It is an odd limitation, but the Kouken can not be used to physically attack anyone. This means that a Kouken, despite being solidified Chakra, is NOT able to punch or stab an enemy. The Kouken, despite being similar to Shadow Clones, also cannot perform any jutsu of their own nor take action that would directly harm an opponent. Any attacks against another, or any defenses that aid the Nogakujin, MUST occur in the form of a theatrical or dramatic effect, or even 'special effect', and only indirectly. This means that knocking over crates to form a barrier between the Nogakujin and an opponent, or carrying the Nogakujin through the air to simulate a 'wire-fu' style leap, or throwing down smoke bombs, or making use of 'stage lights' to blind a group of enemies, or any number of other effects are all possible. But stabbing someone in the back without warning, or spitting fireballs, or knocking those crates ONTO an opponent, or similar are all completely out of the question.

NOTE: Being made of Chakra, the Kouken are NOT visible to normal eyes. Likewise, though they have form and solidity, they are weightless and lack any appreciable mass. They do not disturb the air, leave footprints, splash puddles, or make noise of any kind merely by existing, nor is it generally possible to impact a Kouken with attacks or to physically interact with one. When they are taking action to interact with the environment they may reveal themselves at that point. Producing 'sound-effects' of an owl or fighting in the background or similar may be possible for Kouken but speaking with one, reasoning with one, threatening one, bribing one, or anything else is simply impossible. Kouken are NOT self-aware and do NOT exist independent of their Nogakujin creator. They must remain relatively nearby their maker and controller to continue their 'work'.

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