Kudakeru Taijutsu
Kudakeru Taijutsu
Romaji Unknown
English Kudakeru Taijutsu
Classification Style
Rank D
Class Taijutsu
Known Users

Kudakeru Taijutsu

Author: General

Description: A style of taijutsu similar to tameshiwari, or brick breaking, where the focus is on mastering force through matter, primarily flesh. Kudakeru means literally 'break', and is designed as an assassin style which causes internal damage to bones and organs without leaving impact marks, or produce marks on the opposite side of the body from the actual blow in order to confuse coroners. This taijutsu on its basic levels is primarily striking and minor force displacement techniques, and increases its effectiveness on later levels with the infusion of chakra in the user's body. The Perfect Chakra Molding Merit is suggested but not required to learn this style, though its more subtle jutsu may be out of reach without the superb control.

English Name: Body Breaking Technique

Current Kudakeru Taijutsu Skills

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