Kunai Crossbow
Kunai Crossbow
Romaji Unknown
English Kunai Crossbow
Classification Ninjutsu
Type Sharp
Rank D
Class Offensive
Hand Seals Unknown
Known Users
Kuroki Clan

Kunai Crossbow

This attack, which is very accurate and difficult to dodge, but not always very damaging, uses a tattoo on the user's forearm. It comes off the skin, and picks up a Kunai - or, in some forms, a shuriken - from the user's holster. Then, it works like a precise, chakra-powered crossbow, launching the single kunai at very high speed and with high precision. It can be used both in normal combat and as a sniper technique.

This attack uses Nin + Int to hit, and Seal + Sta for damage. Learning this jutsu requires Chakra Tattoo Manipulation.

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