Lab Rat Illusions
Lab Rat Illusions
Romaji N/A
English Lab Rat Illusions
Classification Genjutsu
Type General
Rank D
Class Style
Hand Seals None
Known Users
Kokoroe Sousa
Uzumaki Konda
Known Techniques
Treadmill Illusion
Brain Buzzer
Maze Illusion
Maximum G Illusion
Autopsy Illusion
Axis Reflection Illusion
Psychotropic Drug Illusion

Lab Rat Illusions

Some deep questions of science can only be answered by experiments that most would consider…inhumane. The Lab Rat Illusions style sidesteps this issue by subjecting an enemy on the battlefield to the conditions of such an experiment in their own minds using genjutsu. As a bonus side-effect for combat, the experience for the target is often…unpleasant.

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