Larch Bone Seed
Larch Bone Seed
Romaji Unknown
English Larch Bone Seed
Classification Taijutsu
Type Combination
Rank A
Class Defense
Hand Seals Unknown
Known Users
Kaguya Clan
Kaguya Yuuka

Larch Bone Seed

A branching out from the original defensive use of Larch Bones, the Larch Bone Seed skill allows a Kaguya to envelop themselves in a seed shaped barrier of bone. The bones created through this technique boast impressive durability. The bones are also layered and overlap each other, further making for a formidable defensive technique. Once the 'seed' is no longer useful, the Kaguya can simply use their bloodline to detach the bones from their body and allow the barrier to fall to pieces.

This attack rolls Tai + Seal to hit, and Seal + Sta for damage. Learning this technique requires three B-rank Taijutsu, including two Shikotsumyaku techniques, and the Shikotsumyaku Style Taijutsu.

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