Last Breath
Romaji Unknown
English Last Breath
Classification Ninjutsu
Element Chakra
Rank A
Use Heal
Known Users
Medic Nin

Last Breath

This heal is a culmination of many lesser chakra based heals. It combines them all to allow a new technique which floods the target with healing chakra energies. The purpose of this is to heal massive injuries quickly. The basic component of this heal restores damaged flesh, injured organs, and rebuilds broken bones. The net result closes open wounds, restores health at a massive level and in combat can quickly give a second wind to an injured target.

The 'shock' component of this technique is a tad different. The mednin targets the flood of chakra from the first part of the heal and pushes open chakra gates, stimulates internal body functions and forces the release of various natural chemicals such as adrenaline. The chakra pulses through the heart, restarting a heart that may have stopped. The chakra stimulates the lower brain functions restarting function if it has failed. The net result of this chakra flood is that a person recently deceased (less than an hour) may be brought back to life as the body is pushed back into working order. If used on a still living person the net result is simply a flood of usable chakra.

The combination of these two effects into one heal can result in life being restored to a target who died recently and then rebuilding the body enough so that the target doesn't die again immediately.

RP Note: To be revived by this technique the person's body must be mostly intact, it will not rebuild a body that simply does not exist anymore. No revival from disintegration is possible using this technique. All revivals are at Staff option, and must be scene appropriate and require contacting staff. If a person is revived this way the subject will be incapacitated for at least a month, although not in a coma for this time frame, and require additional medical attention during this time. Please note that to learn this skill requires special permission from Staff.

English Name: Last Breath
Hit Roll Dice: Nin Int
Damage Roll Dice: Sta Seal
Style Recommendation: Medical Ninja
Skill Prerequisites: 3 B Rank Ninjutsu including 2 medical techniques, and Diagnostic Jutsu

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