Lightning Arrows
Lightning Arrows
Romaji Kaminarino Ya
English Lightning Arroes
Classification Ninjutsu
Element Lightning
Rank C
Damage Type Sharp
Use Attack
Style Lightning Manipulation
Chakra Shaping
Skill Modifiers Tricky
Attack Stun
Skill Creator
Inuzuka Taiki
Known Users
Inuzuka Taiki

Skill Description

A more powerful version of lightning needles. The user shoots out a similar barrage of lightning as in the previous technique, but the arcs are thicker and longer than the needles, and subsequently carry a substantially higher charge. Still, the sheer amount of arrows that rain down on the target makes the attack hard to evade, before adding in the homing element that the jutsu inherits from its predecessor. In addition, when these arrows hit, their increased charge transfers to the target, causing strong convulsions that temporarily cause the body to seize up, which leaves the target open for any subsequent incoming attacks. Even after the spasms cease, the charge transferred into the body makes full recovery of motion that much harder.

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