Lightning Claw
Lightning Claw
Romaji Kaminarino Tsume
English Lightning Claw
Classification Elemental Taijutsu
Element Lightning
Rank C
Dmg Type Lightning, Sharp
Use Attack
Known Users
Inuzuka Taiki

Jutsu Description

Utilizing the techniques of Four Legged Lightning Style, either the Inuzuka, the ninken, or both channel their lightning chakra into their hands and feet, causing spikes of lightning to grow from their claws/nails. These spikes serve two purposes. First and foremost, they enable the user to use their new "claws as lightning-augmented sharp weapons. Thus instead of punching someone, they use their "claws" to rake, impale, or otherwise tear into their opponents. These claws, like most lightning augmented weapons, have greater piercing power than they would if they were physical, allowing them to easily tear through flesh, stone, and most forms of armor. This leads to the second function of the spikes. The spikes fully encase the user's nails/claws, preventing them from being broken while penetrating substances they ordinarily would not be able to. In this manner they prevent the user from injuring themselves via their own attacks.

Hit Roll Dice: Tai Spd
Damage Roll Dice: Seal Sta
Style Recommendation: Four Legged Lightning

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