Lightning Dodge
Lightning Dodge
Romaji Raiashinami
English Lightning Dodge
Classification Ninjutsu
Element Lightning
Rank C
Damage Type Blunt Sharp Chakra Fire Ice Water Wind Lightning Poison Acid Earth Shadow Insect Smoke Seal Sound Unblockable
Use Defense
Style Lightning Manipulation
Skill Modifiers Versatile Defense
Skill Creator
Inuzuka Taiki
Known Users
Inuzuka Taiki

Skill Description

By concentrating a portion of lightning chakra into pads just below their feet, the jutsu caster is able to use these lightning pads like "skates," regardless of the surface underneath. The user literally glides on these pads, skating around on seeming patches of bright white light. This enables a faster method of dodging most incoming attacks while at the same time making it harder for someone to target the caster due to having to squint passed an obnoxiously bright light. The caster controls his direction as anyone on ice skates or roller skates would.

It should be noted that this is not flight, there must be some kind of surface underneath the feet, even if it water, but it can augment jumping distance, and given the right kind of incline, height.

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