Lightning Fang Over Fang
Lightning Fang over Fang
Romaji Raigatsuga
English Lightning Fang Over Fang
Classification Elemental Taijutsu
Element Lightning
Rank B
Damage Type Sharp Lightning
Use Attack
Style Four Legged Lightning Style
Skill Modifiers Elemental Taijutsu, Terrain Altering, Area of Effect
Skill Creator
Inuzuka Taiki
Known Users
Inuzuka Taiki

Skill Description

Just as Raitsuga is a faster, more powerful version of the standard Tsuga manuever of the four-legged style, so too is RaiGatsuga a more powerful, more devistating maneuver. By combining the lightning dodge ninjutsu with the Raitsuga, the Inuzuka team works together to strike their foes at speeds that begin to approach Garouga. However using the dynamic marking to mark a target is rather useless due to the smell of ozone that permeates the air during the attack. Because of this, the attack doesn't quite match the Garouga in speed, but it is still faster than the Gatsuga, with the same lightning-diamond-drill-bit points of the raitsuga, only sharper and larger.

What this technique lacks in speed factor, it makes up for in area of effect. With this technique the target, and everything around it, is viciously cut, pierced, and torn as the duo weave in and out of each other, practically in knots of vorticies. Even the terrain itself is effected as anything not chakra hardened to resist this kind of attack will also be damaged. This tends to leave a large amount of debris and a smoking crater where the target was, igniting more flammable objects rather easily. Obviously this technique should not be used in close melee situations where allies can get hurt. However any group of foes foolish enough to stick close to one another are fair game.

Note: Lightning Dodge is also needed to apply for this skill.

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