Lightning Passing Fang
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Romaji Raitsuga
English Lightning Passing Fang
Classification Elemental Taijutsu
Element Lightning
Rank C
Damage Type Lightning Sharp
Use Attack
Style Four Legged Lightning Style
Skill Modifiers Powerful, Elemental Taijutsu
Skill Creator
Inuzuka Taiki
Known Users
Inuzuka Taiki

Skill Description

A lightning elemental version of Tsuga, this technique takes the basics of the parent skill and adds both speed and piercing ability. The user of this skill focuses their chakra into their hands and feet (or fore-claws and rear-claws in cases of ninken), forming long spikes at the front and "pads" of lightning in the back. The user then performs a tsuga, where the lightning from the pads increases the speed of both the spin and lateral movement. This has the visual effect for outsiders of having the lighting "feed" into the front of the spin, due to the incredible speeds producing streamers of lightning.

The chakra spikes in the front serve a different purpose, forming a "drill bit"-like point at the front of the Tsuga. This "drill bit" is incredibly sharp and powerful when it hits something. The speed of the spin combined with this tip produces a swirling point equal in strength to the gatsuga all on its own, with the added benifit of having the lightning element included. Thus this attack becomes incredibly powerful, piercing even the strongest armors.

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