Lightning Release Armor
Lightning Release Armor
Romaji Raiton no Yoroi
English Lightning Release Armor
Classification Ninjutsu
Type Lightning
Rank S-Rank
Class Defensive/Supplementary
Hand Seals None
Known Users
Yotsuki Clan, Yotsuki Raiga

Lightning Release Armor

By wrapping his or her body in a layer of Lightning Chakra, a Yotsuki Clan member can electrically stimulate his or her nervous system and speed up his or her neural synapses to react faster to danger and push the ninja's physical prowess to the absolute limit. This grants tremendous raw speed and monstrous power. Lightning Release Armor, combined with Taijutsu, allows a Yotsuki to utilize Lightning Nintaijutsu.

The electricity can also work as a powerful defense. By momentarily increasing the electrical surge, a Yotsuki can deflect or simply negate many types of attacks — even ones from behind! Those attacks that DO happen to get through are often reduced in damage rather severely. A final ability of the Lightning Release Armor is that the Lightning Chakra can be focused to a point sharp enough to cut through a human body with ease.

NOTE: This is not a commonly available transformation! Even having the appropriate XP and PP to pay for Lightning Release Armor does not guarantee receiving it! One must be in good standing with the Yotsuki Clan, and by extension Kumogakure, to even be CONSIDERED. Multiple heroic acts and shows of loyalty, as well as being acknowledged as possessing the physical capability to handle this TF are all requirements, but others might be applied depending on the individual and his or her circumstances. This means it will require at LEAST one Staff-approved plot before a given Yotsuki can be considered eligible to be taught this technique. Do not apply for this transformation without speaking to Staff first.

Style Recommendation: Lightning Manipulation and Lightning Style Taijutsu. Yotsuki Clan only.
Skill Requirements: 1 A-Rank Lightning Taijutsu, 1 A-Rank Lightning Ninjutsu, and 1 A-Rank Taijutsu (any).

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