Lightning Release: Lightning Physical II
Lightning Physical II
Romaji N/A
English Lightning Physical II
Classification (Nin)Taijutsu
Type Blunt/Lightning
Rank B
Class Offensive
Hand Seals None
Known Users
Saito Jon
Kokoroe Sousa

Lightning Physical II

An improvement on Lightning Physical, making stronger use of lightning chakra. The user must be able to channel a large concentration of lightning chakra to their limb or weapon and hold it there until the moment of impact without shocking themselves, all while trying to get a strong blow past enemy defenses.

When used as a counter this skill strikes faster than the originating attack, but is not useful for countering ranged attacks. As lightning strikes in a flash, so this attack moves with the speed of a lightning bolt, allowing it to counter close combat attacks.

Hit Roll Dice: Tai + Spd
Damage Roll Dice: Pow + Seal
Style Recommendation: Lightning Element Taijutsu
Skill Prerequisites: 1 C-Rank Taijutsu, 1 C-rank Lightning technique, Lightning Physical

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