Lightning Release: Ride the Lightning
Ride the Lightning
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Romaji N/A
English Ride the Lightning
Classification Ninjutsu
Type Evasion
Rank A
Class Defensive
Hand Seals Unknown
Known Users
Uchiha Naru
Saito Jon
Kokoroe Sousa

Ride the Lightning

The user of this ninjutsu performs a highly advanced form of the Body Replacement Technique without the use of a conductive object. While traditionally lightning replacement techniques are used with a conduct metal bar or rod, the user of this technique is capable of forging this conductive material out of their own chakra with the help of chakra shaping. The quick succession of rapid movements and the forging of lightning can allude to the illusion of riding the lightning as the user explodes in a crackle of electricity and reappears after their initial release thunders in another location.

Hit Roll Dice: Nin + Spd
Style Recommendation: Lightning Manipulation
Skill Prerequisites: 2 B-Rank Lightning techniques and 1 B-Rank Ninjutsu, Chakra Shaping

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